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Welcome to Ctrl Alt Elites!

Where we don't think we're better than you are....we're just drawn that way!


Currently helping new friends gear up and see the wonderful world Hunter has created. I'm working T5 content and Tower of Frozen Shadow (AWESOME LDON alternative!).

Come on in and say hi!

Guild News

Tons of new content!

mpano66, Apr 23, 13 10:51 PM.
If you havent checked out EZ Server in awhile, get on in and see whats what! Massive changes, lots of fun! Go to to see the changes, or just pop in, say hi and ask one of us!

Lots of new stuff

mpano66, Jan 14, 13 1:48 PM.
Lots of new players....Clegane, Carllton, Moonshiine, Rannd and more! Welcome, guys! We're still kickin, and moving through content! TONS of changes to the game....and some great ones! T7 enabled, LDON retuned, melee changes and more. You MIA old farts should come in and say hi!



mpano66, Jun 8, 12 4:54 PM.
We're still around! Well, Haan and I still play, and we added a guy named Battlewagon who boxes a few chars! Great player and a great guy! Battle's working his way through the ranks right now....I think he's to HoH and T3/T4. Haan and I have a decent array of 4.0 characters and are on the way into T5!

Meanwhile, Hunter has added T6, and soon will release T7! Lots of new features to the game, and its a lot of fun! If you old CAE want, pop in, say hi, check out the new fun!

Hope to see you all soon!

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